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The Debt Free 4 Life™ (DF4L) program is based on you purchasing a whole life insurance policy with two components: a death benefit and tax-deferred cash value that earns compound interest over time. Using the DF4L software tools and algorithms available to your agent, the system will help monitor your cash value growth in your policy so you can borrow against the cash value to pay off your debts. The goal is to eliminate your existing debt by the end of the plan created for you while working within your existing budget. Later, you may choose to use the cash value in your account to fund future major purchases without taking a traditional loan from a bank or other lender. Before you get started, you should know:

• DF4L was created for people with the sufficient incomes and the financial means to make regular payments against their existing debt obligations, who also have extra money in their budget, and want a better way to pay off their existing debt using a modified approach to snowballing their debt.

• DF4L is not a debt relief or debt settlement program. DF4L does not renegotiate, settle, or in any way alter the terms of payment, interest rates, or other terms of your debt. DF4L does not make any Debt Free 4 Life™ payments for your or combine your loans into one or more new payment obligations.

• You will be required to pay regular, ongoing premiums toward a whole life insurance policy with a paid-up additions feature that will compound interest inside your policy’s cash value.

• Premiums paid to whole life insurance policies are higher than those paid to term life insurance policies; but term life insurance has no cash value, just a death benefit.

• Some of the money you pay into the policy will be applied to a savings component of the policy, referred to as the cash value of your policy. Some of the money will go to insurance benefit expenses.

• If you borrow money from the cash value portion of your policy (for example, to pay off a debt), the policy issuer will charge interest on the outstanding principal of that loan. Additionally, the policy issuer will also continue to compound your cash value. The net effect can be in your favor or result in a lower effective borrowing cost when the accumulation is considered as an offset to the cost of borrowing.

• Different insurance companies have different terms for how much cash value you must accumulate or how long you must maintain the account before borrowing. You may be restricted in how many loans and/or withdrawals can be taken during a calendar year or in the amount of the loans and/or withdrawals. Your agent (not Smart Publishing) will work with you to find the plan that works for you and the DF4L system.

• Your cash value will be less than the premiums you pay for several years to reflect the cost of insurance and other costs associated with the purchase of the policy.

• You will need to repay what you borrow from your policy to maximize the benefits, but the funds are not taxable if your policy remains in-force.

• If you borrow money from the cash value portion of your policy and die before full repayment of the loan, the death benefit of your policy will be reduced by the amount of the outstanding principal but will be more than the premiums you paid.• Even if you have no outstanding loan against your policy, upon your death, money accumulated in the cash value component of your policy is reflected in the total death benefit paid by the insurer.

• Your results from using the DF4L program will be unique to you based on your current number and type of debts, payment obligations, interest rates, ability to pay, and other factors. Any examples used are unique scenarios based on stated financial circumstances and are not necessarily representative of your situation or the results you will achieve.